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Golden Locks, Inc is licensed and experienced in installing, repairing, and maintaining various commercial garage doors for various of business functions. We can provide these services for commercial garage doors of any shape, size, and style.

Selecting a New Commercial Garage Door

  • Roll up DoorsThese garage doors are single coiled and roll up vertically when lifted. They can either be single panel (more rigid and durable) or made up of 3-5 panels (more flexible and lightweight). 
  • Fire Rated Doors – They are similar in function and design as roll up doors, however can withstand up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes before failing.
  • Overhead DoorsThese are the most common and are lifted until horizontal with the ceiling. We recommend these for businesses that expect to open an close their garage doors a multitude of times a day. We would like to note that these require regular maintenance due to the repeated use of the mechanical parts involved.
  • Scissor Gate DoorsThese are an additional layer of security protection for your business. Consider this option if you need to secure your store front or your business property when the Roll Up Doors are opened and unsupervised.

Commercial Rolling Doors

Commercial Sectional Doors

High Speed Doors


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