Commercial Door Operators – Golden Locks Inc

A commercial garage door operator is a pulley system that opens and closes the garage door. There are different types of operators that depend on your commercial business operations. Golden Locks, Inc offers services in installation, repair, and maintenance for the following types:

  • Gear head Trolley Operator
  • Light Duty Commercial Door Operator
  • Door Lock Jackshaft Operator
  • Specialty Overhead Operator
  • Hoist Operator
  • Gear-Reduced Jackshaft Operator
  • Apartment Complex Operator

We can service garage door operators for warehouses, supermarkets, retail space, workshops, manufacturing operations, and more. If you are uncertain which operator is best for your business or what type you currently have, contact Golden Locks, Inc today and our consultant will recommend you the best option for your needs.

    RSX Operator

      RMX Operator

      RHX Operator

      Commercial Door Operators Accessories

      Timer to Close Module

      Auxiliary Output Module

      Monitored Edge Interface Module


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